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We are problem-solvers,
number-crunchers, and people-people

Our Team

At CloudControlMedia, we believe our work has a ripple and symbiotic effect. By doing great work, our clients flourish and grow. And that same flourishing growth then extends to our clients' customers. Our clients' success, in turn, fuels our own, growing the communities where we work and live.
Our Executive Team
Our Leadership
Our Team Members

Katie Arias
Paid Media Manager

Marc Bodinger
Media Marketing Manager

Christine Carucci
Senior Account Manager

Leanne Estridge
Senior Account Manager

Thomas Floyd
Partner Development Team


Kate Heath
Senior Digital Yield Manager

Sam Klecka
Digital Yield Manager

Kelsey McCreary
Paid Media Manager

Sara Nuffer
Digital Media Designer

Vivek Panchal
Software Developer

Derek Potter
Senior Digital Strategist

Ryan Ross
Senior Account Manager

Stacey Wakefield
Senior Accounting Manager